Visiting the Bamboo Forest

While traveling in Japan we also visited the beautiful Bamboo forest in Arashiyama close to Kyoto. You can take a local train to reach the little village and then stroll around, buy some cute souvenirs and of course wander around the beautiful, green bamboo forest. There are even little temples inside the forest. You can also take an old train for about 20 minutes to the next city. The train tracks go inside the forest and you can see a beautiful river and the mountains.

I wish we had a little bit more time, but it’s also a great trip only for a day to visit while staying in Kyoto. After we returned by a local subway train to the center of the village we were walking around the village a bit more. It’s really popular, especially in autumn and there are many many tourist. But it is still beautiful and you can find nice, little restaurants and food stands to get lunch before finally returning to Kyoto by train in the evening.

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